Because I'm really annoyed about the fact, that TB9 "forgets" the visual settings (see tab names, or Open a new tab with same visual settings (#3559)), I switched back from "Attachments as a List" to "Attachments as Tabs". [Btw.: the relation of text versus attachments list now seems to be appr. 30:70 ...]

I use TB9 with three, or more tabs, each showing another brain of mine ...

After having switched the brain on one tab to "... as Tabs", I discovered, that on the contextual menus of the other brains, the option "... as Tabs" is selected, although the interface still displays the attachments as a list?! [menu: App-wide setting, display: brain-specific?]
I can re-select this option "... as Tabs", and it works as expected, but ... well, it's just another small detail...

Could you please put a higher priority on this settings-mess?


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