While working on a project, I started testing {something} and suddenly had this view of my plex: 2015-04-23_10-05-39.png

 A stunning perspective, a totally new way to look at my data which immediately floodded my mind with inspiration! I assume this feature has been there all the time and most ppl that now complain about the lack of updates never even realized what was already available to them NOW!

Would love to share more, but must go and follow all these ideas and thoughts that were triggered, before I forget anything. I'm outta here - surfing away on the wave of inspiration!
Sorry guys - I was only joking! :-)

I had developed a tool to create Brain from Zotero-Data. And I had problems with the display of some unicode-characters. TheBrain had it all correct, but all fonts I tested were missing one or the other character, especially the "h with underpoint" caused problems. So I initially tried to change the font for the plex, and "Adobe Myungjo Std" created this amazing plex! And "Arial Unicode MS" fixed it all!


Looks like while creating your tool you discovered a new "TheBrain Abstract Art Generator ". [biggrin]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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