I have two monitors, it seems like when I am trying to use the autohide feature, PB will only stay on the main monitor. Is this a known bug?


As a suggestion, instead of the brain icon sitting on the desktop, could it be displayed on the taskbar instead? It's not very intuitive for me until I looked up in the manual, the first time around, I thought it crashed, I manually killed the brain, and restarted again. Besides my desktop has lots of icons on it already and has the similar background as the brain icon. Not very easy to find.

Brain Matters!
Profile 1 - PB:
OS: Vista Ultimate SP1
Java: 1.6.0_07
Profile 2 - PB:
OS: WInXP running inside VMware
Java: 1.6.0_06
Not a bug, just a limitation. As another poster pointed out to me when I reported the same problem, you can drag floated windows, such as the Notes panel, just not the whole thing. 

Michelle LaPointe


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