Hi, i have a serious brain damage!!!

After a hard drive crash it had some bad sectors and my main brain file was affected by this.
So i am left with a folder containing thousands of folders and another containing thousands of textfiles, but my brain's structure is lost and as it seems, all of my thought-notes too.

i still dont want to believe its gone forever, because i transfered many word documents and many many evernote notes into my brain and abandonned the word documents and the evernot notes.

Now it seems that i've lost everything, because the notes seem to be gone.

Also i dont use Evernote anymore after they switched to version 3, i really think one thing that was good was the automatic backup of the evernote notes.

Evernote made a backup on a regular basis and so after something went wrong you could easily restore the backup.enb ... i wish Personal Brain would have something similar too

Every 2 weeks i backup my brain manually, but an automatic backup of the brainstructure and its notes would be awesome.

Also i dont understand why the folders "PersonalBrain Notes" only contain images used in notes, but not the notes itself as an xml or html document that would have saved me years of work i guess. ...but as it seems they are gone forever.

nevertheless i will continue to use personal brain, because i still think its an awesome software


I can feel your pain. However, you may be able to recover some of your notes files. By this, I assume you meant those attachement files, not the notes on your lower left hand side, because those should have been saved when you had manually backed up your brain.

As far as I can tell, (I am a newbie myself), the attachment files are stored as normal files inside


This guid is an unique identifier assigned to each thought by PB.

So make sure to copy everything to a brand new harddisk drive, try not to write to your old harddisk drive at all.
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Profile 1 - PB:
OS: Vista Ultimate SP1
Java: 1.6.0_07
Profile 2 - PB:
OS: WInXP running inside VMware
Java: 1.6.0_06
Ouch, that hurts.

EN does do backup (and sycning) really well, yes.

My own backup setup is one where Acronis True Image (but ANY disk imaging software will do) does a differential backup of my data drive every night. It usually takes 2 hours max (250 GB drive) and of course the machine is switched on longer but it is SO worth it.

At the same time I use offsite, online backup (Carbonite). You can do an automated, free, online backup of your brain using Mozy's free service (2 GB).

Again, sorry and I feel for you

yes, thought about acronis too
i think that will be my next stept until pb can backup itself

...but i wont use online backups. i am paranoid!!!
Evernote's backups SUCK. Seriously. If EN fries itself (which it always does if it cannot exit gracefully when open), you can never restore from its own backups! That totally and completely SUCKS.

The only way to get to those backups in EN is to have a ZIP of all the EN data files for that ruined EN, copy those back over, and then, and only then, can you finally use EN to restore its backup! This means you need to regularly zip up EN's data files, just so you can "restore" your data if anything ever goes wrong.

I am hoping in then new version of EN, they drop their absolutely and completely insane design, and go with something a bit more standard.

re: PB

As for Personal Brain--- I back it up DAILY using "Brainzip". That brainzip goes to a SD card, and I weekly backup my brains to a small USB HD I have to move large files around. And monthly to every 3 months (depending on what I've been doing that I consider "important"), I drop backups onto my large USB HD.

The new betas of PB do some automatic backup. But if you werent using these at the time, well, you are out of luck. However, even if you had been, you might not have been able to save your brain--- because you said you had a HD that got corrupted. That corruption could have hit the back up, being on the same drive. The only way to protect against that is to make backups and store them on other material, or use something like:

Anyways, sorry about your pain.

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