I use to read a lot of scientic pdf articles and pdf ebooks about specific subjects. Why don't make possibile for the Brain to automatize a Brain map from the pdfs table of contents e to link whith a navigation link differents pdf file containing the same concepts and keywords everywhere inside the pdf document (not just in title) just to keep these files organized under the same keywords? In this manner w could use the keywords as "tags" for pdf articles or books about the same arguments so that we can retrieve much more easily all the pertinent informations about the same subjects.
Thanks you. 
IBM had a product a few years ago called Watson Discovery Advisor, which would generate a "knowledge graph" of entities and concepts identified in a corpus of documents, and allow you to navigate through that knowledge graph using an interface similar to a brain plex.  Discovery Advisor was a very cool product but was extremely complex and the level of effort to get it running was extensive.  Now, IBM has another product in the IBM Cloud called Watson Discovery.  It also has the ability to parse a corpus of documents and extract semantic information, and also to process queries based on that semantic information.  Watson Discovery includes a REST API that can be used to retrieve information on the corpus, and the API returns information in JSON format.  The documentation for Watson Discovery lays out the format of the JSON responses, and I think an interesting project would be to see if it would be possible to take the JSON output and see if it can be translated into the data needed to create the thoughts and links in a brain.
Thank you both for posting. First, in regards to importing a Brain from a PDF table, this can be done with a few extra steps. TheBrain can import from a properly formatted outline. We have a video tutorial on this process available at . So if you are able to get your table into a text outline or Excel file, you may be able to quickly visualize it in TheBrain. If you would like a sample XLS or DOC file to see what the formatting would look like, I've attached one of each in the .zip to this thread.

Thanks for the info on the Watson Discovery Advisor. I'll share this with the engineering team.


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