if I like to get some Mindmap-Like look & feel, I tried to use the Expanded View.

1. I found it very strange that my sub-nodes have numbers and the view get generated total independent from this numbering. (This means a very time-consuming re-arrangement.
How I can generate some smart order right a way?

2. Than I have some trigger-questions (green), but german sentences are quite long (even the word are longer than in english). Now I cannot see the full question, so this view makes for my purposes no sense. 
How I can display the full length of my question (even line breaks would be very useful).
How I can display the full information of some sub-node in the Mindmap-Style?

The only way for me today is the Outline-View. But I like the Expanded View for memorizing informations (like I used Mindmaps before PB).


Click image for larger version - Name: Bildschirmfoto_2012-01-02_um_23.16.23.png, Views: 165, Size: 1.25 MB Click image for larger version - Name: Bildschirmfoto_2012-01-02_um_23.22.59.png, Views: 165, Size: 1.15 MB


Thanks for posting. 

1.  Expanded View is intended to allow you control over your the display of thoughts in the plex.  As a result, the typical arrange functions do not apply.  

2.  In regards to displaying the complete german sentences:  Unfortunately, the way thoughts display in the plex is determined by the limitations of your screen and the size of the program window.  Your suggestion for a line break is good and you may want to add it to the uservoice page (


Hello tonja

You could play with the text size for thought names (using the resize wheel over the active thougth indicator) to try to show long thought names.
For a more mind-map like feel, every thought in expanded view can be ancored by clicing the small circle that appears under a thougth on mouseover (in expanded view). You can anchor every thought you want visible somewhere in the plex... and then save the expanded view. However, with a high number of thoughts, this can be quite a workload.


the circle will be filled  if the thought is anchored:


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