When TheBrain has been in the background for a little while, every time I activate it, I have to wait a couple of minutes for the sync to prepare and then run. This takes a lot of joy out of working with it.
Would it be possible to configure the autosync to run at another time..? Maybe just a little bit after activation, so we can first take care of whatever we activated it for..? Or maybe TheBrain could just wait for changes to be made before it initiates the sync. Or actually sync in the background, if that’s possible.

The auto sync shouldn't interfere with usability of the app and should only be taking place in the background as you indicated. Is the app locked up while this is happening? What version of TheBrain are you currently running? Can you replicate the problem and then send us a copy of your Output.log file? To get this file, click on Help > Open Log Directory in TheBrain app and send the file in to support@thebrain.com referencing this thread.

Thank you,

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