I have been reviewing my process for keeping a backup of all my personal files - including data for various programs as well as the original downloaded file. I have been looking at some backup programs.

I use my personal brain all the time and keep a lot of information in there. Therefore, I regularly do a zip back up of my brain file.

I am now thinking of putting all my files into my Brain as attachments so that they will be backed up as part of this process. EG. I use Quicken for my finances and I regularly back up that data file. However, if it was an attachment inside my brain, it would be backed up as part of my regular brain zip. One Backup instead of many.

Has anyone done this before? Can you see any problems? What about webbrain as an option instead of zip?

Stephen J
Off the top of my head the pro's are:
  • Files are all stored in one root folder
  • It reduces the number of backups you will need to make (backing up one brain instead of multiple locations)
  • If you use WebBrain and have a paid account:
    • It will increase the size of your WebBrain, and count towards the 10 GB limit.
    • All your files will be in the cloud. Although it looks like TheBrain beefed up file security by adding encryption in the latest update, I'd contact them to get more details around that. Especially if your quicken files or other personal information is being uploaded. It depends on your comfort level.
  • Your Brain will be larger, and take longer to back up.
  • If you decide to change your setup, you will either have to go to each thought manually to pull your data back out (you might use a thought type or tag to note the thoughts that do that, or use the reports based on attachment type) or use a program which can display files in folders in a flat format instead of having to drill down into the folder structure.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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