A feature that I would LOVE to see implemented in this awesome software is spreadsheeting.  Basic maths across the thoughts.  I think this would really change the way the software could be used and make for some really great applications.

I put a bit of thought into it this morning and how it could be done, and came up with this (online brain) so far.

Any input from other readers (ie: you) would be very welcome... I'm not a programmer so forgive me if it's a bit clumsy.

So above is the basic structure of some business records done in Brain as an example.  The business owner might want to record how many customers they've got, how many sales they've made, and what the total of those sales are.

So each Sale might be linked to each customer, and of course all thoughts are normal thoughts with notes and tags and types and so on, but the one additional thing they have is variables and spreadsheeting maths, perhaps all accessed under a new tool tab... but I've shown them above under NOTES.

The business owner creates a thought for a new customer, and makes it a child of "Customers" thought.  At the same time they create a new sale thought, and make it a child of "Sales" thought.


The customer thought has a small spreadsheet code in it.  Something like:
[SUM VAR(A)LINK]  - Tells the thought to calculate the sum total all of the individual variables named "A" under all of the thoughts linked/jumped from this thought.

[TOT LINK] - Tells the thought to calculate the total number of thoughts linked to this thought.

The business owner might want a total of the sales shown in a single thought, so they would use a code that might for example be:

[SUM VAR(A)CHILD] - Which tells the thought to calculate the sum total of all the variables named "A" in any child thoughts of this thought.

Each individual Sale would have a variable named whatever the business owner chose.  An unlimited number of variables could exist in each thought, as they can be named whatever the Brain owner wants.

These are what the spreadsheeting maths scrapes when told to, either from parents, links/jumps, or children of the thought containing the spreadsheeting maths.

Spreadsheeting maths could include functions like subtract, add, sum, basically anything that you find in a traditional spreadsheeting software, and each thought is treated like a cell in a spreadsheet.

Using this structure it would be possible for a Brain owner to produce extremely complex and powerful spreadsheeting abilities that are dynamic depending on how the thoughts are linked and unlinked, created and forgotten.

Your thoughts?
Everything is temporary.
Thank you for posting and your suggestion is very timely.  We're currently working on some additional "outline" features (1.2, 1.3, 1.4 etc. as well as classic roman numeral outline styles)for organizing groups/layers of Thoughts.  I'll add your feedback and examples to our review list.

Thank you,

i think i suggested something like this in 'thebrain uservoice' here
i dont know how clear i made myself at the time but i also suggested simple calculation features.

That way one can make budgets and business performance visible ....take a look at what matchware does: http://www.matchware.com/en/products/mindview/features.htm#Excel
It let's you view financial information as a mindmap/ conceptmap and when exporting to excel you have your normal calculation spreadsheet.....
Thanks Harmen.

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