Hi, I´m new to TheBrain and currently trying to find the right way of use for me. I have two questions for which I could apparently only find outdated information in the forum:
- Can I add multiple notes to a thought? I thought I saw it in a video, but I can't find it anymore.
- What does the search function find? It doesn't seem to search content in notes. Likewise, e-mails in attachments are probably not searched. Am I doing something wrong?
The Truth according to me:
• I don't believe we can add multiple notes, but if you really wanted to split them into chunks you could consider adding them as attachments (txt, doc, etc).  Search includes attachment contents for .txt at least, I'd imagine doc also.
• Search function should definitely find content in notes.  I had to rebuild my search index in TheBrain 8, but haven't needed to in 10.....perhaps try File\Utilities\Perform data integrity scan?  Either that or contact TB tech.  I'd be surprised if linked emails are included in the search, but it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong.
On Windows, TheBrain utilizes Windows Desktop Search to provide search results to internal notes and file attachments.To check if WDS (Windows Desktop Search) is indexing your drives, click the Windows button and type Indexing, open Indexing Options and click Modify, check the drives you want WDS to search, OK > Advanced > Rebuild

You will need to add the root of the HDD to the list for WDS to index the drive, but you can exclude specific folders after that if you wish.

If you are on a Mac, TheBrain integrates with Spotlight on macOS to provide search results from within internal file attachments. No setup or additional steps are required to enable this functionality.

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