I've gone back a few years in the general forum topics for an answer to this; can someone point me to some threads/resources on best practices for maintaining a Brain as it gets larger?

As my Brain has gotten larger, and as I'm a relatively new user, I find pockets of thoughts not structured in the most useful way or utilizing helpful features I've learned later, e.g., tags. For this reason, I'm finding myself doing two things:

-being careful about how information gets entered into the Brain, e.g., tags or not, comma, etc.
-going back and pruning the brain

Both of these steps seem contrary to how the Brain should be used and I can't imagine doing this as my Brain gets larger.

Any suggestions?

Hi Peekay,
I have a 6GB zipped brain and I started using the software in 2008. From that moment I the brain evolved and rules for entering information changed. However, since I tried to follow my natural way of thinking, I always find the information I want.
I don't scan the brain to re-organize the information, but when I navigate in a part of the brain the have an old structure I may be decide to update it

See if there are some useful ideas in this blog:


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Excellent article, I had forgotten about that.

You may also check out the evolution of structure I & II on the PersonalBrain Usage KB WebBrain. WebBrain seems to be down right now, so I can't link directly to it, however, once it's back up you can access it from here.

I agree with Antonio68. After your database reaches a certain size it just doesn't make sense to maintain and update all the thoughts when you find a better way to name, tag or type thoughts.

Generally I can find 90% of my thoughts using Instant Activate. It's only when I forget the thought name or can't find related thoughts that I have to use Reports and Advanced searching. At that point I ask myself what I could do differently to help me find it easier next time, update the name, link it to a related thought, apply a tag, etc. I usually only implement structure changes on frequently accessed areas.

Otherwise I'll update thoughts as I come across them, along with it's related thoughts. It's only when I'm feeling especially obsessive compulsive that I'll update the entire area.
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Compared to some who have responded to your question, I'm a mere babe in the woods with PersonalBrain. I bought my copy a little over a year ago and have been using it extensively for about ten months or so. My usage, however, has already evolved. I started with several Brains, but have merged them down to two: one for my day job and one for the rest of my life.

I don't use tags very much, not being a fan of that organizational scheme in general. Tagging, it seems to me, always requires that you become a psychic who can read the future -- that is, you've got to guess what tags will make sense of your information days, weeks, months and years from now, and really, how can you know that? I think one of the benefits of PersonalBrain is that it makes tagging unnecessary. There are times, of course, when a tag can be useful -- say to mark those thoughts that need follow-up. But trying to assign one or more tags to every tought in your Brain is really just a redundancy, since every note is already "tagged" based on the link relationships you've assigned to it.

My advice, then, mirrors that of the others who have commented: Just let your Brain grow organically and don't worry too much about getting everything right. You can't do it in PersonalBrain and I don't think it's doable in any information manager. But PersonalBrain assures you of a context for all your thoughts, because that's just how it works.

Anyway, that's my two cents -- if it's even worth that.
These are excellent suggestions and followups. Thank you all.

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