I'm just trying out keeping a journal in TheBrain, because I think it makes sense to connect the entries to whatever I write about. If I write something about TheBrain, I connect that journal entry with the note "TheBrain" which is a child-note of the "Software" note.

However, if I make a journal entry every day, the number of connections to certain notes are going to be numerous.
I don't want dozens or hundreds of links jamming up the screen when I look up a writing app, so for those notes, I make a child-note, for example "TheBrain journal-connections". That's what I connect the journal entries to, so I get all of those at a glance, but the TheBrain-note is free of all the junk.

This works so far, but of course it requires a dedicated child-note for every note I'll connect from my journal entries.

Does anyone have a better idea?


Have you also looked into using thought types and tags?
You mean for example tag the entries "TheBrain" instead of linking them to a dedicated child note?
That does seem like much less of a hassle.

How (if at all) would you connect the TheBrain note with the TheBrain tag? Just tag TheBrain with TheBrain..? Regular connections to category-thoughts don't seem to be allowed.
Flex, et al -
I like to keep a chronolog in TheBrain as well. In every knowledge management tool I've ever tried (including Outlook, Ecco, Workflowy, Axon, etc) I've always used this as a test case. What I've done in TheBrain is the following:
  • I have thoughts named 2015, 2014, 2013, etc
  • Under each, I have "2015, January", "2015, February", etc.
  • Under each, I have "2015, January, 01 Thursday", "2015,  January, 02 Friday", etc.
  • I setup adjacent days with jump links.
  • Under each of these, I create nodes corresponding to articles I've read and want to keep referenced, action items I need to do (for future), or action items I've accomplished (as a record).
  • I also create thoughts corresponding to paper documents I've received or need to manage; I scan these into the associated thought(s).
  • I use tags (per Patrick) for "TODO", "DONE", "WAITING" along with priorities
  • With multiple parents, multiple jumps, I am finding this to be a good way to manage my work history and upcoming tasks, but there's some definite overhead that goes into setting this up.
  • I'd love to be able to "script" node creation & naming, searching & linking, etc.
I'd also be very curious to hear from others who try to keep their work history and upcoming action items / projects in TheBrain.

Regards - Sam
I wrote about how I went about using TheBrain as a journal here (as well as an example), but I don't think it specifically answers your question.

You have a few tools at your disposal.

The first thing I thought of was one way links (I have a bit o' information about them here). What you could do is use one way links so the child journal thoughts are only visible from the journal thought. In your example you used, you would have the journal thoughts linked to the writing app in the direction towards the writing app when the journal thought is activated. This means that when you have that thought active you will see the writing app linked, but when you activate the writing app thought from another area of your database (that is you don't navigate to the writing app thought from the journal thought) you won't see the linked journal thought. 
Ugh, I hate trying to talk about one way links. Very hard to explain in a way that makes sense. [wink]

Another option would be to give a thought type to the journal thoughts (as Patrick suggested). This way you can keep everything visible, but gives you some very nice options. The one I'm primarily thinking of is you can navigate to an area that's particularly busy with journal thoughts, go to the Reports tab, set the report to Thought Type > Journal Thought (or whatever you end up calling it) and set the Filter to inverse. This will filter out / hide the journal thoughts temporarily, and make cluttered areas much easier to navigate. (The other nice options are general reportability and the ability to set custom colors and icons so they are easy to distinguish from other thoughts).

Another thing to mull over is you can always add a Calendar event to the writing app. You could have multiple events for the same thought, and in the thought notes add a date and then a journal entry. This may make more sense with some thoughts than others. 

Or you could combine all or some of the above. I actually use a combination of calendar events, links to my thought that represents the day/journal entry, and sub-journal entry thoughts (children). 

I would take some time to experiment with different approaches and then once you've found one or more that work for you, implement it going forward. What's important is that whatever you end up with, it makes sense to you, is easy to implement and most importantly, gives added value to your database. I've found that staying open and slowly trying and introducing elements that serve my needs makes a huge difference in the usability and value I get from TheBrain. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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