I'm not sure what is up with the new version, but it ran so horrifically slow that I had to dump it and return to V4.521.

My brain has:
1821 thoughts
3951.5 links (.5?)
2.17 links per thought
225 notes
322 Internal files
30 External Files
29 URL attachments
9 thought types
7 link types
10 Forgotten thoughts
9 activations

The file is massive and ugly; an org chart that shows the positional history of personnel in the organization. It sure would be nice to have some tools to clean this mess up. How?? I dunno....
Same for me. Look at your MB used in task manager. Mine was going up to 276 Mb only starting up PB.

I am having the same problem with memory leak. I upgraded to PB5 from PB4.5 today, and in less than ten minutes the memory indicator stood at 190 MB and also CPU usage jumped from about 10-15% to 50-70%. Then, PB5 became unresponsive and had to kill it. This happened three times within an hour. I had to uninstall and go back to latest V4.5. Please Harlan  and team, solve this memory problem soon.


PB Pro - Win 7 Pro
25,000+ Thoughts; 155,000+ Links
user since 2000
Thanks for the feedback and information. Unfortunately this problem seems to be prevalent only amongst some users. Obviously this is an important issue and we have been trying to create a scenario which replicates it reliably so we can address it.

Many memory-related problems were due to the system for displaying thought icons and were solved when the icon sub-system was rebuilt. For some other users, memory related issues were solved with the changing of how the Windows registry is accessed. However, these changes seem to leave some issues outstanding, the causes of which we have not yet pinpointed. Please be assured that we are working on resolving them ASAP.


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