Set 5.4. It seemed to me something is not right: slow, strange, etc. Brain suddenly became unmotivated to swell in volume. Go to the previous version can not be!


Decided to experiment. Vers. 5.4:

  1. New Brain.
  2. Home Thought – “1”.
  3. Create Childs: “1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9”.
  4. WHAT IS IT? Some children disappear! Tested many times. Always different. For example: after the creation - active thoughts "9". But you can see what sort of siblings is incorrect: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8!!!-7!!!.
  5. Activity Home – “1”
  6. “7” lost. Unrelated. Can not be found using the rapid activation! Appears only in a list report.


For dessert: Size of the new brain is too big! And all the time varies. I got from 2.7 to 3.6 MB. Whereas in version 5.1, all fine, but the size of only 1.3.

What's the problem?

I Have the same problems here:
- new thoughts that dissappear to become orphans
- very slow response (I noticed PB is comsuming very high cpu for a long time -25/30% on my Quad core- even after closing the application UI)

I experienced the orphan problem also in the beta version the was active on August 19th.

Thank you for posting.  Could either of you please replicate this issue one more time and then send in a copy of your Output.log file after the new Thought fails to appear (or becomes an orphan)?  Also, any screenshots you take along the way will be helpful.

Thank you,

regarding your answer on " Big bugs Version 5.4 - is this true?". Where do I find output.log?
In the PB installation directory.
Thanks. Good job. V. 5.5 is stable.

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