A Strange Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Text files fail to display in Free Trial.

When I want to attach a file, I clicked on the “Add File” button, then on the selection of text editor. It opened a blank file. No “Browse” button allowed me to pick the file. The process created a file with the name I gave it, but no content. I then copied content from my permanent file, saved and closed the PB internal file. Now Pb displays the internal file when I move the cursor over the OO Writer icon.

  1. Why does “Add File” open and         not give me the chance to browse and select a file?

  2. Why does the internal file display         no content?

  3. If I howver place the cursor over         a OO Writer icon, no content appears unless I have previously opened         the PB internal file, copied the content onto the internal file,         save and close the file.        


Practically all email programs allow a file attachment with the ability to choose the file on one's hard disk to populate the cotent which then records the file for purpose of transfer along with the email. Why can't PB use the same programming or at least the same procedure?

Jim Miller


Jim Miller
The "Link to File" button in the lower portion of the Add Attachment dialog lets you navigate to an existing file and link that file to your thought. The options in the upper portion of the Add Attachment dialog are for creating and attaching new files to thoughts -- a feature not provided by email programs.

When attaching files to thoughts, I find it most convenient to simply drag the file from a directory window (or a URL from a browser) and drop it on the thought.

Thanks for your suggestions.  I created "Organizational Agreement" as a child thought of "Legal", put the cursor on the icon (OO Writer) for the file, "Organizational Agreement", held it down, put the cursor on the child, released and saw that the icon was embedded on the child and the file name appeared under "Add Attachment".  Nothing appeared in the text box under Notes.  Hovering over and clicking on the OO Writer idon did not open any file nor did it display in the text box.

What is wrong with the software which causes this fault?
Subsequent comment.  Aha!.  The reason why the mouse-over yielded no results was that the file was really large and took a really long time to load.  Now it does appear when I mouse over.  The Click on the OOWriter icon opens the file.

I just learned there is no connection between pasting a text file icon on the Thought and the Text Box in the notes.  I request that the software be written so that the text of the file when placed as an icon on the through also, immediately displays in the notes -- as an alternative to opening the file.  Or do I not understand the purpose of the Note text box? 

I am still not clear on why, when I "Add Attachment", click on File, then pick the file, then pick the OO text writer program, I get an internal file with the page blank, but with the proper file name.  I then locate the internal file, then copy and past the content of my original file into the black page, save.  Then when I click on the icon, the file properly displays.  This work-around is avoided if I drag and drop the file on the Thought, provided I wait long enough for the file to load into the internal file.


Jim Miller

Jim Miller
Notes are separate from attachments. If I attach a text file, it will not appear in the notes when I mouse-over, or click the file. Instead, it should open the file itself.
Just as a note, there are multiple ways to open attachments. You can:
-Click the attachment icon on the thought
-Press Shift+Enter when on the current thought or mousing over a thought
-Double click the attachment under Properties & Attachment windows.

The notes tab is separate, and allows you to type information in there for quick viewing when mousing over a thought.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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