So I am a security/infosec pro and I am looking at TheBrain11. (CISSP, GCIH, bunch of other nerd titles)

I have data I work with that is sensitive and cannot by synchronized in any fashion.

So I have created a Brain and its local only and no online items are turned on. 

Short of turning on fiddler or burpsuite/wireshark, etc.and inspecting traffic (which I really dont have time to do unless I have to) I am wondering what traffic gets sent outside of the initial launch and check in with the account status updater. 

I looked in the logs and notice a pretty persistent entries for "ClientSyncOrchestrator" stating "negotiating" and "no changes to sync", and "delta sync" entries and "sync points", etc even though I have no sync turned on.  

Can you give more details on that and a confirmation that zero data is synced to Azure on local only? I am assuming these messages are related between the local client and DB files for local changes, but want to be sure. 


Thanks for posting. TheBrain does a few different things in the background. When you log in, it will check with our server and notify you (depending on what 'channel' you are on and what license you have) of any available updates. TheBrain also verifies your account and license status (to give you all Pro features if you have a v11 Pro account) for example.  Next, if you HAVE synced a Brain to TheBrain Cloud, logging into the desktop app will give you access to these Brain databases. Finally, we have BrainBox. If you have sent anything into your BrainBox account, TheBrain will check with the server to see if any syncs need to take place to keep all data identical on all devices.

All that being said, your local Brain will not sync to our server unless you, the user, clicks on the sync button and then confirms that first upload.


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