Just loaded up TB 6 and gotta say I am excited.  As a corporate Lotus Notes user, the ability to drag and drop documents into my brain is really cool...  I also was playing with dragging attachments out of Notes documents, and see that works well.. however, I have one question...  It appears that the documents gets dropped into my Documents and Settings folder on my PC...

Something like C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\notes32C5CD

My concern is that my temp folders get cleaned up by automated processes, occasionally to keep my PC space clean.

Is there a way to change the local that of the files (maybe somewhere in my brain directory structure), so they don't accidentally get wiped?


Just to answer for the record, I spoke with PB Support and was able to resolve.  For some reason, I could have sworn that I checked the options...ui... on drag and drop of files...  but it was not correctly set to "Move dropped files"...

Which puts them where I want them (anywhere but in my \temp\ directory)...

So - that works!


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