I am back to the same old problem that when I opened TheBrain 7045 window it briefly opens and then closes with no error.

I had previously solved the problem by going back to Java 6. After a period of a month I let the computer update Java to: Java Standard Edition version 7 update 17 build 1.7.0_17 – b02.  The problem returned.

The log file starts with:
Operating system: Windows 7
Caught exception while trying to create file associations - Access is denied.
winlaf look and feel is off - using custom event queue
2104 [main] INFO com.thebrain.personal.a.d.x - Default dictionary set to en_br
3025 [main] INFO com.thebrain.personal.view.bo - Locale: en_CA (Country: Canada; Language: English)
3026 [main] INFO com.thebrain.personal.view.bo - Language file: English
3026 [main] INFO com.thebrain.personal.view.bo - Default encoding: Cp1252
3055 [main] INFO com.thebrain.personal.a.d.x - Default dictionary set to en_br
Look and feel set to: com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.WindowsLookAndFeel..........

Is anyone else having this problem?
Dave Snelling

Hi Dave, I recommend sending a full copy of your output.log file to TheBrain support team so that they can assist you. They are pretty good at resolving issues like this in a timely manner. I haven't updated to Java 7 yet myself, but I'll attempt to update this weekend and see if I run into the same issue.

I am having this problem on ThinkPad tablet 2, Atom N2760. The splash logo appears, then the Brain window flashes, then nothing. After numerous crashes with no error message, it may start.


I followed the advice of Zoner and sent the error file to TheBrain technical support, but other than have me reinstall Java and TheBrain many times they have not been helpfull.

What version of Java are you running?  I find TheBrain works with version 6, but imkmediately I update to version 7 the same problem reappears.

It might help if you sent your TheBrain error log to TheBrain technical support also.  If you want me to send you more detailed information let me know.
Working after deleting preference folder and launching thebrain by double clicking on the brain file itself. We'll see how reliable this is.
I tried the same thing and the brain did open initially without error. However, when I tried to open a new brain the same thing happened: the file open to very briefly and then closed without an error statement. So no solution.

I reported the problem with details to Java/Oracle and got the following reply:

Dear Java Developer,


Thank you for reporting this issue.


We have determined that this report is a new bug and entered the bug into our internal bug tracking system under Bug Id: 9001749.


You can monitor this bug on the Java Bug Database at http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=9001749.


It may take a day or two before your bug shows up in this external database.



Java Developer Support


Those who have had similar problems, e.g. Opening TheBrain briefly and it flashes then closes, have been able to solve that issue by deleting any PersonalBrain and TheBrain preferences folders:

1. Close TheBrain application and Navigate to (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming) on your machine.
2. Delete any (PersonalBrain) folder if one exists and you are no longer using or no longer have PersonalBrain 6 or lower installed.
3. Open any (TheBrain) folder and delete both preference files: (TheBrain7Preferences.bak) and (TheBrain7Preferences.xml)
Once these steps have been completed please try restarting TheBrain. 

I suppose you can try this again, but the reason I never mentioned it to you is I remember you did try this once before and reported that it did not work.
That correct Patrick I have actually tried it 3 times now with no success.

I am also back to the same old problem that when I opened TheBrain 7045 window it briefly opens and then closes with no error. I have already suffered 2 miserable situations where I was supposed to give presentations, and then found that TheBrain 7045 did not open. It just is not funny when you are in front of a group of people who anticipate something, and then they have to waste their precious time to see you playing with defective and unreliable software.

Without Harlan around, the Brain support claim that one can
"solve that issue by deleting any PersonalBrain and TheBrain preferences folders", but their fix has not solved the problem of the Brain without Harlan around has stopped being a reliable software tool for presentations in front of busy people.

It is also rather disappointing that support people also do not inform users that BrainPins are wiped out when you
are forced once again to delete the preference files.

It's like owning a car with a door that fails to open when you need to drive somewhere ....
Sorry for sounding so pissed off, but having used PB since 2001, I am very disappointed that the lack of a once and for all fix for this issue seems beyond the will and skill of the technicians. Harlan please come back and get this fixed.



Win7pro, PB, J - 1.7.0
Hock I still can't run The Brain under windows 7 (Pro or Home) with any version of Java 7.  Patrick from the Brain technical support tried various solutions using a remote connection to my workstation computer without success.

Like you I rely on The Brain for my work and I am also a long time user.  I found that by reverting to Java 6.4.5 then The Brain does work and that is what I am doing at the moment.

Neither I nor, more importantly, TheBrain technical support understand the issue or why the fix works for some computers and not others.  I just can't understand why the developers cannot solve this problem.

Very frustrating.
Dave & Hock,

Can you both please send support@thebrain.com your exact system specifications? What OS? What version(s) (if any) of Java 7 work and which do not? What is the latest version of Java 6 that does work? Are you using any third party security programs? Are you using any office managed network connection? Any additional information you can share will help us troubleshoot this issue. Thank you.
Hi Patrick I will send the information requested to support@thebrain.com and you attention.

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