Again, I tested an import of a TB8-Brain into TB9.

My findings:
- on start of import of a BrainZIP (appr. 40GB), TB9 exits immediately, each time I tried without any message
- on import of a TB8 XML (appr. 140GB), I get the message: "Unfortunately it is impossible to import this file. The file doesn't match the format. The reason: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

o TB8 brain can be imported into TB9,  BUT  …
- when the import is completed, the message is displayed: "There were 3 attachments found that could not be connected to a Thought or link. These attachments have been added to the 'Orphaned Attachments' Thought." // Well, it's only one attachment, and, in TB8, this attachment / the related thought seems to be ok.

- found thoughts in TB9 where …
- - not all parent thoughts from TB8 were linked to
- - new parent thoughts were linked in TB9 (!!)
- - not all jump thoughts from TB8 were linked to
- - not all child thoughts were linked in TB9
- - lost their attachments (mainly TIF-files, but PDF as well, seldom other file types)
- - a duplicate thought was created, without any relations to other thoughts

- Got the error "TheBrain has encountered an error and will now close."

+ .107 is faster than .101

TB8 seems to have no problems with the brain in question, but the TB9 import still stumbles on … what? Can it be that there are some errors in the database of TB8, which do not bother TB8, but make the import into TB9 fail? What about a "check and repair"-function in TB8?


Thanks for posting. I suspect the brainzip and XML import problems are related to the large size of the files. We will look into this.

To fix the problems you discovered with the direct import, please try the following steps and let us know if it addresses them:

In TB8:
  1. Open your _brain folder (the parent folder of any thought folder)
  2. Quit TB8
  3. Rename the folder "brain_cdbb" to "brain_cdbb_bak"
  4. Restart TB8
  5. TB8 will reconstruct the continuous database backup folder
  6. Quit TB9
In TB9:
  1. Delete any previous import of your brain (assuming you have made no changes you with to keep of course)
  2. Run the import again

[thumb][thumb] That's it! Great! Thank you very much!!

Just retested direct import of the TB8 brain in question into TB9 - I got no messages, found no issues.
This took a load off my mind.


Great to hear Christian.  Thanks for the update.

FYI, I believe we have found and fixed the XML import problem also.

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