I'm having problems downloading a specific Brain (both desktop on iOS).  I have a support ticket in. 

Yesterday I tried to do a download on my ipad to avoid issue of going in and out of WiFi. Everything seemed fine until it wasn't.  It's a Megabrain.  Only downloading about 1GB of material, but 100,000 thoughts, 1,400 Tags, etc., which presumably significantly influences download speed.  The process was:

1.5 hours of remote data prep
3 hours of downloading
1.5 hours of local data processing
Notification that TB app had crashed. 
Since then it tells me that the process was interrupted and it is willing to "resume," but "local data processing continues forever." 


@mctrexler I can empathize with your frustration re downloading from the TB Cloud. I purposely keep my TB database much smaller (15K thoughts, 22K links, 268MB internal size). As you know, I use Evernote to store my docs externally. One driver was to avoid the experience of long downloads in the event of a re-install and process interruptions. 

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