Technoshaman asked a question above about EKP for small teams.  Frankly, EKP as it is now priced is unaffordable for small teams.  I made a point of this in an email I sent to TheBrain.  The question is, could a pricing scheme be crafted that makes Brain EKP affordable to small clusters of users.

Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing are great examples of niches populated by creative people who would probably glom onto TheBrain as a brainstorming and ideation tool.  However, much of that work is done by smaller consultancies that are averse to spending $50K for a topic mapping program, even one as as compeling as TheBrain.

Of course, it's not my pricing model to change.  But I think a lot of money is being left on the table by not pricing Brain EKP to those kinds of idea-centric market niches.  So I'm just suggesting that may be something to think about.

June 20, 2008 at 12:18 PM Reply #3

On 20 June 2008, I published a reply to a thread, which never received an answer from Harlan and his team. Please allow me to quote it here, as it seems highly relevant:

"An hosted version of TheBrain would be way cool!

I was just thinking about this when finding out about the new service  being introduced by MindManager.

BrainEKP sounds very good, but there is perhaps a much broader potential market for TheBrain in the Cloud or better still TheBrainInTheCloud.

[...] This sort of things only seems to be available to BrainEKP customers. TheBrain is already in a league of its own, but what I suggest, and what Jean might also have been suggesting, would really be to offer an hosted solution. Pulling this off would clearly allow TheBrain to offer a service which would not only be unvaluable but also allow for a spectacular increase in its revenue streams. "

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