U3 drives are remarkably convenient for many professionals. They provide encrypted storage of personal information, virus scanning and protection, data, and applications in a portable package that can run on most PCs just by popping them into the USB drive.

Have you ever considered making a U3 version of the Brain? Considering that many U3 drive manufacturers actually bundle trial versions of software on their U3 drives, it would seem like a win-win situation. You get more exposure for your product, and I get what I want :-)

Hi aidiamaso

PB and Harlan have been considering U3, but have not ported it to U3 drives (no U3 version has been published).

However, PB works perfectly on a USB drive, so install PB to your USB-drive, and make a link in your taskbar/quicklinks and start PB from your desktop.

Personally I got tired of the U3 limitations, and bought a normal USB-drive and installed Portableapps. Portableapps gives you the same type of interface as U3, and it is not limited to U3 applications. As long as there is an .EXE file, it will put it in the Portableapps menu. The Portableapps menu is very similar to the U3 menu.

Changing from U3 to Portableapps should not be difficult!

See this PB posting

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