My electronic brain has a size of 6.8 GB (11,000 thoughts). However, I have only 3.7 GB worth of internal file attachements. 3.1 GB just for links, can that be true?

Making a Brainzip and reopening the Brain does not reduce the size.

Win 7/64, official release of PB 6

May be the index...
Pictures in notes...

Almost no pictures in notes. Many thought icons, though. But I would count those as "internal attachements", no?
I believe only attachments that appear in the Thought tool window are included in this, so Thought Icons aren't, but I could be mistaken.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
I just did a check on my system and there seems to be several things that this could be attributed to.

Here's my info: 

1) Brain Statistics: 
o Thoughts: 15,700
o Internal Attachments: 2.2 GB

2) "Files" folder size inside the brain directory reported by Finder:
o 3.27 GB (3,231,043,375) 

3) Entire Brain Folder:
o 4.75 GB: whole folder
o 764 MB: brain_cdbb
o 167 MB: brain_db_55
o 135 MB: txt
o 118 MB: brain_db
o 114 MB: brain_db_old

So if you look at those numbers there seem to be not only some discrepancies in the size of the same folder depending on what is doing the sizing, but also maybe some old data that might no longer be required (but I don't know for sure what's required and whats not).


This sounds reasonable. FYI, The brain_db_55 and brain_db_old folders can be removed - these were kept in case a prior database migration failed for some reason.
5.34 GB Files folder
1.38 GB brain_cdbb
47.2 MB brain_db
3.1 MB index

You are right, zenrain: not all internal files appear in the statistics.


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