I would like to know if it is possible to display in the content window a plan of all toughts of a Brain with a hierarchical view and be able to select the list to copy and paste it as texte in a to-do list or in a doc ?
The view could be:

Brain name
Parent thought 1
Parent thought 1 child name 1
Parent thought 1 child name 2
Parent thought 1 child name 3
Parent thought 2
Parent thought 2 child name 1
Parent thought 2 child name 2

When I use the function "toogle the display of the report area", I have a list of all thoughts of the brain I work on but in an alphabetical order.

Thank you very much 🙂
I would do this procedure:
Activate the "highest" thought of your "To-do list", under which all other desired thoughts are linked as children or deeper descendants. (probably Home thought in case of whole Brain)
If some thoughts are selected, close the selection if you do not want them in the "result".
Then in top menu: Edit / Select related thoughts
Add to selection
Up to [desired depth/number of "generations"] click(s) away (higher depth will take more time to process)
In Direction, check only "Child Thoughts" (Or also Jumps, ... if you want, but I do not know how those will be sorted in "hierarchical view".)
Check "Include Active Thought"
Click "OK"
Wait untill TheBrain selects all desired thoughts. Then right-click in selection panel. 
Click "Copy as Text Outline" or "Copy as Text Outline with Notes" (experiment with both to see how notes are presented in result)
Paste it in e.g. text editor.

This procedure will not be able to extract all existing thoughts from the brain if there are "thoughts without parents" (orphan, ...)
AFAIK, Neither thought labels, nor link labels are preserved in result. Related request:
Thank you very much 🙂 this is exactly what I was looking for. Btw I had to select "up to 20 clicks away" to get all items listed. Do you know if we can get more than 20 clicks away ?
Thank you very much again.

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