I've realized that my TB 11 megabrain won't download to my mobile device, nor will it download to other people's desktops or mobiles devices when they are given "private access."  TB says it is aware of the issue, and hoped it would be fixed by a "server upgrade" last week as I understand it. But no such luck. 

Is anyone else having this problem?   What are the parameters of brains that won't download?  I'm not 100% sure whether it is purely a download issue, or applies to syncing of these brains. 

@mctrexler ~

Very sorry to hear this, Mark. I don't currently have a megabrain on the new platform, so I can't comment on this issue.

However, I have been dealing with another very strange sync issue, and I don't know if it is related or not:
> Unchanged Brains Constantly Need to be Synced

Will be interested in learning more about others' experience with syncing large brains -- and learning what TheBrain team thinks might be causes each of these sync problelms.

I've tested with a few other Brains after receiving your email this morning and all seems to be going well, so we'll need to focus on your 50 GB Brain as previously discussed.


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