I've recently had an issue where I have to actively minimize the Brain screen to see programs behind it.  Every other program minimizes itself when I call up another program.  The Brain doesn't.  Anyone have any idea what this could be due to?  I'm tempted to assume it's a Windows issue, but the only program I'm having problems with is the Brain.  Seems odd. 


Java 8.0.40
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Perpaps you accidentally enabled Windows > "Always in Foreground"?
Open TheBrain program and click the "Window" menu on top and uncheck "Always On Top". There are various Window behavior options. I would recommend that you choose one of the "Auto-hide" options. When TheBrain window is set to Auto Hide, it disappears when you begin working in another application and is replaced by the Brain button (either to the right, left, top or bottom). You can then click the Brain button any time to open the application. You can also drag and drop attachments directly to the Brain button and the Brain will open.

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