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No, you don't have to be online. You have to be logged into an account, which you can do locally.
I love the Brainbox!  Searching and organizing things are always going to be different between people who are "hunters" (those who have specific mental maps of where things are and where things should be) versus "gatherer" (those who need/want/have some level of ambiguity in their maps of where things are or where things should be).  Brainbox is obviously geared toward the gathering aspect of information organizing.
I'm looking forward to trying out Brainbox as TB10 develops.  I've been a long-time Brain user but have moved to a workflow that involves DEVONThink as a more-convenient collector of Apple Mail, web pages & snippets, and file links.  It's a great tool, but it makes me miss the links and plex knowledge of The Brain.  
BrainBox is a great idea.   After using it a week or so I'm interested in seeing more goodness with it.   I'm a fan of the "collect now, sort later" practice and enjoy using apps that support it.
I'm confused.  Posters here, and the BrainBox explainer page here*, state that one can use the BrainBox for _information_.  I _want_ that.  Afaict, the only thing it collects a Web page right now is the URL.  Is that true?  BrainBox is just a stack of links?  That is more proof-of-concept than of actual utility for me.  I would like, for starters, to be able to clip/post/queue/stack to the BrainBox:
  • the currently selected information on a Web page
  • the Reader View (Safari term) version of a Web page (_hugely_ important in my work)
  • the page contents (not just the URL)
And I would like to have them show in Thoughts/Notes properly formatted and easily re-formatted.

*"BrainBox: Instant Information Capture", "Sending Web Pages to BrainBox".

Kriggel23 wrote:

do not reinvent the wheel.
The "heart" of TB is the plex. Please concentrate on this, improve it.
[more views, other thought types (date, location, number), multiple links between two thoughts, other links than child/parent/jump, ...]

Just some rhetorical questions to you:
How many issues do we have concerning the notes editor?
How many issues are still open?

BrainBox, Timeline, embedded Browser - pleasantries, not even working fine. Sorry to be so harsh, but that's what I see.

I watch the development of TB, thoughtful. My doubts are growing.

Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
rengel wrote:

+1.  This interesting tangent deserves its own thread.

I can only comment on my needs & expectations as a user; the developers will chose what they think is best for their goals.  The "function set" of TheBrain that — by far — is the most frustrating and in need of the most and most-immediate improvement is the Notes editor.  The current editor prevents me from seeing why it parses the content the way it does, and prevents me from editing it so that the content is shown the way I want.  It is hardly an editor — more of a clunky, capricious, viewer.  The failure of the Notes editor to provide a rational editing workflow is the number one reason I have not adopted TheBrain as my primary content management tool.
I find the Brain Box is an excellent addition - it allows me to collect links & references as I go without having to place them into specific thoughts in TB until I'm ready to do them 'batch' mode. It allows a much smoother workflow and is the kind of basic interface improvement I'm all in favour of.

Having said that, I agree with Kirby that the notes editor needs more work.

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