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2. At PC1 I do brainzip

1.) Did you try zipping the brain by an other zip program, and not the brainzip. Before zipping, close the PB.

2.) Or before useing brainzip, close PB and reopen it.

I think I'm experiencing the same problem. I have a very large production Brain - about 1.8 GB total. I access it on a WIN 7 computer at work; a Mac on the road. After an unfortunate occurrence using DropBox last year, I sync by transferring brainzip files, almost always in one direction -- from work to the Mac. On my last business trip I noticed that some links were missing, so after confirming that the WIN 7 machine was up to date, created a fresh brainzip and copied it to the Mac. Again, it was missing links and entries. My next experiment was to delete all the old files, and create a new brainzip and bring it onto the Mac without requiring any overwriting. Same result -- missing data.

I have no idea what is happening and whether the problem is in the creation of the brainzip or the importation to the Mac (although I suspect the former), but I gave up and copied all the files from the WIN 7 computer to the Mac. That successfully reproduced the full Brain, but has me wondering what is wrong with the brainzip creation process. Found this thread searching for similar experiences.
I don't use brainzip anymore, because I think it's not reliable. Instead I zip it manually (close the brain, zip with 7z or alike)...

Thanks for posting. Have you tried using another means of transferring your Braizip to your second computer to see if the problem is being caused by DropBox?

Try creating a small test Brain, Brainzip it then place it into your DropBox folder. Extract the Brainzip onto your second computer to see if you experience the same problem.



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