We've recieved a lot of possitive feedback from those of you that have downloaded our BrainZips.  As well as questions on how to create them.  BrainZips are quite easy to create.  

BrainZips allow you to Zip up your PersonalBrain file for sharing, transporting or for creating back-ups.  Note that externally linked files will not be included in the zip file.
To create a BrainZip:
  1. Open the PersonalBrain you would like to zip
  2. Click on FILE and select CREATE BRAINZIP
    • If you do not see an option for Create BrainZip, you may need to upgrade to the latest release of 4.0
  3. Follow the instructions in the pop up window and note where the BrainZip will be saved (Output folder).
  4. Your BrainZip is ready to go!



People I have emailed with my Brainzip file attached can't open it.  What might I be doing wrong?

Hi JL73, Thank You for posting. Below are instructions on how to open a Brainzip. Please forward the instructions below to the users you are forwarding your Brainzip to in order to confirm they are following the proper steps to extract a Brainzip.

How to open a Brainzip:

1. Download the Brainzip from email or USB drive onto your computer.

2. Select the File menu then Open Brain.

3. Navigate to where your Brainzip is located, highlight it with your mouse then select the Open button.

4. The dialog "Extract Brainzip to" will open. Select where you want to put the Brain then select "Save" to extract the Brainzip.



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