Please bring back site Brain HTML export to the Brain. I know you created a service around the WebBrain features, but it just does not provide the flexibility to be able to create web-sites integration with TheBrain.

This is the main reason I am still using TheBrain 8 is that I can not let go of that feature. 

Due to security concerns my data is not uploaded to the Web anywhere and if I want to take the data with me to my iPad I am able to do it with a memory stick (some work around), and with the new iPad OS the memory sticks are able to be used natively.

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, there are no current plans to bring back the SiteBrain/HTML Export at this time. The exported files were becoming harder and harder to support as they didn't load for all browsers or in all environments. Still, we do have the request documented and I'll add an extra vote on your behalf.

Thank you,

It does not have to be an export directly from the system, it could be an external tool. Or let someone understand the format under NDA to be able to create an export. This can easily be done by something like AppleScript as long as the way the data is stored and connected is available to someone to understand. 

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