Bug: with Library on Windows XP - Properties and Attachments window not being refreshed after DnD operation

I noticed after dropping in an attachment (stored internally), that although the icon was updated to have a "2" in the corner, the Properties and Attachments window did not show it. (I keep P&A tool window displayed while I work) I wondered about the difference, chose a different thought to be the active thought, then went back to the original. At that point, the P&A tool window showed the new attachment.

A repeat of the experiment with a third attachment (stored internally) had the same results. The "2" turned into a "3" in the corner of the active thought, but the P&A tool window did not show the newly added attachment. Made another thought active, then the original thought, and the P&A tool window then showed all 3 attachments.

After a successful DnD operation to the plex (adding an attachment to a thought), PB needs to tell the P&A tool window to refresh, if it is currently displayed.
Darkstar, Thanks for the post. You are right, it seems as if PB is not refreshing the P&A list. I have noted this for the engineers to look into.

Best regards,


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