When dragging an internet link to the brain, it often generates long tought names.
(However, you can create the same issue by just entering a very long thought name.)

If one wants to click on the link (attachement icon) to launch the attachement - in this example to launch the browser with the web site, the following happens:

- you move the cursor over the thought -> it now extents to all/more text lengt of the thought
- now you move the cursor to the left towards the attachement icon (which is now far left of the cursor)
- if you leave the area of the original (un-extended) thought width, it collaps back to the non-extended length -> the attachement icon is now right of the cursor
- if you move the cursor towards the thought and reach it, it now again extends and the attachement icon is left of your cursor

So your trace the icon, but it jumps left and right and you can't click on it.

You can't click on the attachement to launch it, unless you edit the thought name to a shorter one.

rgloor / aka icarus
Thanks for the feedback. We were able to replicate this on our machines and will be working to correct the bug as soon as possible.




If you move your mouse to the location where the icon is prior highlighting the thought, you will see that the icon enlarges. You can click at this point and the attachment will open.

Hi Harlan,

Thanks for this work around (until the bug is fixed). Tried it and worked. Thanks.

rgloor / aka icarus

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