I have replicated this issue on two different computers and get consistent results.  PB is not functioning as expected so I'm going to guess this is a bug.

Set a Tag Thought as the active Thought.  Drag and Drop a URL from IE7 onto the plex.  The new Thought for the URL does not display as a child of the Tag (PB should automatically tag the new Thought with that Tag).  The new Thought does show up in the bread crumb list, as the next to last item.  When I click on the new Thought for this URL, I get an orphaned Thought with no links.

Tested this scenario on:
  1. XP 64-bit with IE7, PB v5.0.2.6
  2. XP 32-bit with IE7, PB v5.0.1.8
twospoons, thanks for the clear instructions on how to replicate this, I will notify our engineers about this.

Best regards,


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