The keyboard properties tab doesn't recognize Alt key, that is, when I press the Alt key in combination with another key, nothing happens, the key combination is not assigned to the command.
Hi Doug,

Many of the menu shortcuts are already assigned to Alt+key combinations, so there could be some overlap if users tried to reassign one of those shortcuts. However, I have written up a feature request to allow users to set their own Alt+key shortcuts.

Cheers, Sean

The cause of this issue, originally was that the Alt key alone was not enough for a keybinding, and you needed to add another modifier (Ctrl, Shift, e.t.c). I am happy to inform you that this has now been changed in TheBrain 11. More specifically in version 11.0.29.

Now, the Alt key can be used as a modifier by itself.

If you would like to test this, please see our forum page on TheBrain 11, for the download link and other info regarding testing TheBrain 11.

Let us know if you have any further questions/concerns.


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