• v 245, Win 10
  • created a new brain this morning
  • in the course of working on it clicked to upload it
  • in the course of working on it set the note pane to the width I like


  • Close brain
  • Re-open brain
Expected results:
  • brain opens with the note pane settings retained
Actual result:
  • brain opens with note pane at its default half screen width
  • close TB completely, reopen
  • doesn't affect my pre-existing brains
  • is there a config file/setting somewhere where I could set this manually?
Using: Evernote | Filterize | Roam Research | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.91.0

(Windows 10)
Hi Ruud,

If you close the application without closing individual Brains your setup is remembered. As soon as you close an individual Brain it's setup is removed from memory.

This is also what is referred to when opening TheBrain 9 after a crash and there is a popup asking to Restore or Clear settings. It is referring to the visual settings.

Cheers, Sean

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