On a 1920 x 1200 screen, my current list of thought-types exceeds the height of the screen.  In my case, selecting any thought type alphabetically after "Program Manager" is problematic.  Is the list intended to be one screen height long, or is the fly-out capability simply not working just now?  If not working now but on the fix list, then ignore the following suggestion.

   Thought types need to fly-out as in standard Windows menus Start > All Programs > [etc.]  If done properly, this would enable users to group (or not) thought types together, and to accomodate many more thought types on screen menu pull-downs.  Right now, I seem to have 20 +/- thought types that are inaccessible to me when assigning a type to a new thought because those existing types are below the bottom of the screen.  This is extremely disruptive in executing the mapping process.

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