using Chrome-urls (of course):

For example this URL:

has the extremely salient page title:
Search results for 'page title' - The Brain Forums

I'd love for that to be shown when I paste it into the Notes Editor, when I copy and paste the URL.

Thought>Paste in as New Thought.

What I get instead is: 
"TheBrain Forums" [oh really?]

When I try fiverr.com which has a very informative page-title, I get:
"The access to this page has been blocked" 

This page has the wonderful page title "dummy video"
Instead I see:
"Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software"
Which is not terribly informative or useful. I've been struggling to get my own betatesting activity organized, but issues like that make it rather difficult.
It seems I already buried myself with hundreds of manual renaming tasks.

As far as I'm aware the behavour is the same in the Plex as wall as in the Notes-Editor (and the Plex is what I really care about), so I'd just quickly add:

[feature request] please add "Preferences>Behaviour>Other>Replace URL with page-title in Notes on Paste"

If this works only with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera instead of Chrome, because of Google-weirdness, that's well... sad, but it would be okay.
In that case just add a little ?-symbol next to the setting so that you don't surprise innocent users. [Kinda like with Preferences>Behaviour>Touches should be treated like mouse]

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This can be a bit of a tricky feature, as some web pages have more than one <title> or even different coding methods to display/create a title. So TheBrain does the best it can to select what will work.

That being said, I'll document this for review to see if it can be improved.

Thank you,

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