屏幕快照 2019-04-10 10.51.18.png  As shown above, Chinese characters in Notes or in Attachments (majorly Word) can sometimes be searched, sometimes not, and sometimes only part of the content can be searched. If I search for the same keyword, some notes/attachments with this keyword can be found, some won't. If content's only in English, search performs well, if it's mixed like above, sometimes even the English part can not be searched (I've always added a space before the English word). I spent hours trying to find the rule but failed.

Please help, thanks.
just to show how randomly it performs:

Same keyword "时间" in the attachments of both thoughts, Zoe and Trial, only the attachment in Zoe shows.  And actually, I also typed this keyword in the Notes part of two other thoughts, which also do not show in the search result.

屏幕快照 2019-04-10 11.31.55.png 屏幕快照 2019-04-10 11.30.53.png   

It looks like the first example is not being found because it's in the middle of a word.  Just as with searching English content, The word 'Washington' will not be a search result if you type in "shin"

Hi Matt, Thanks for your prompt response.

However I'm still confused since in my follow up email the key word is at the beginning of both cases, yet one can be found one cannot, and as I have mentioned, I also typed similar sentences in the Notes area in two other Thoughts, yet they didn't pop up.  

Another more serious issue is, Chinese, as well as some other languages, does not use space in between words, each character is an individual word. So if the logic is that a full sentence is viewed as "one" word so any character in the middle can not be searched, then the search function is useless here.  Luckily I feel this is not the case, as (1) I sometimes can search characters in the middle of a sentence, and (2) I did test add space in between characters, and this didn't solve the problem.  So I guess this is more a bug issue than a basic searching logic issue.

Looking forward to your reply, cheers!


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