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sync automatically rechecks itself

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@DavidGretzschel ~

Thank you for documenting and reporting this bug, David.

I suspect it may be related to a similar, but slightly different, bug I've documented and reported previously:
> My automatic sync is turned OFF
> However, TB is constantly reporting either local and/or remote changes even thought my open and closed brains have NOT been changed
-- Forum Documentation
-- Support Ticket Documentation

So far TB team has not been able to replicate the bug I'm dealing with, so I'd be interested to know if anyone else has run into this issue.

I am also wondering now if the fix for your bug might be related to the fix needed for my bug.
FYI, the sync bug I've described began with the v11.0.44 update.

Also, I think these two bugs may be related because they are both repeating an unwarranted action:
> In your bug, autosync should not be reactivated if turned OFF
> In my bug, local or remote changes should not be indicated if the brain is UNchanged

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