Apparently it's possible for the menu-bar to be merged with the title-bar, even though Look&Feel>User Interface>"Compact window title bar" is turned off.

Sadly I didn't know that the bug was temporary. So I moved the TB-window for comfort and the effect disappeared, before I could record it.
Don't know how to replicate it. I assume replication involves lots of opening and closing TheBrain, switching the setting on- and off.

The bug was mildly annoying, because I don't want the compact window-title bar, since then I am unable to tell whether TheBrain-window is active or not.
[compactness < legibility, but I don't understand why I have to choose anyway]

Will post here, if I notice it again.

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@DavidGretzschel ~ 

Unfortunately, there have been a number of bugs associated with "Compact Windows Title Bar" ever since this feature was released (including secondary bugs triggered by the use of this setting).

I know TB team has already released several fixes for bugs related to this setting -- but, based on your report, it looks like at least one of them (or a new one) has emerged....

When this happened in the past, we were advised to turn this setting off, but I agree: it will be nice when we won't have to choose between compactness and these other little glitches. ÃƒÂ°Ã…¸Ëœâ€°

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