Bug 1: in Transparent Mode: Tags/Thought Type: show blank (no Tag text nor Type text appear). 8.0.0.b
Update: pass the mouse pointer over where the text should be and it will reveal itself.
Bug 2: in Transparent Mode:  when collapsing the plex the clock icon remains visible while it should disappear. 
Bug 3: in Transparent Mode:  closing Transparent Mode (by clicking on the white circle), does not stay on the last thought that was shown in TM.  
Harlan:   A suggested modification to the Transparent Mode.  

Create independent adjustment controls for the thought background color, background box size, and transparency. As well as control for the fonts size and line thickness.  These would be separate from existing graphic controls that are now also controlling the non-Transparent Mode.   

I like using the Transparent Mode but I wish that I could adjust the graphic look independently for better visibility.   Perhaps adding a bounding box to the plex itself, where I would also control its transparency and color. This would help the Brain better integrate with varying background (web or application) pages, and promote usability.

Congratulations on your team's ongoing success. 


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