So this is a problem I have at the moment using my Brain as a calendar.
A year as a Thought, a month as a Thought, a day as a Thought. All context-sensitive.
All in numbers. Odd behaviour appears:

Create Thought "2020".
Activate it. F6 and type ",6". Activate "6,2020".
Now press F6 and enter the following string:

This is the result:
 Note that the Thought 6,6,2020 refuses to be properly context-sensitive.
This might be, because 6 is also the name of the month?
So I assumed this was the case and decided to change my syntax to not run into that problem.
So I renamed the Thought "6,2020" to "06,2020" and clicked rename related Thoughts. Lo and behold:
We observe that  the Thought for 6 changes to 06. That.... kinda makes sense, since it's identical to the parent Thought, this is considered a relation. We can fix this manually by renaming it to "6, 06, 2020" and it works. But....
I have no great idea what (and why!) it did things to Thoughts "16" and "26".
They appear as "106, 06, 2020" and "206, 06, 2020" respectively.
I can rename them manually as well and I will eventually get my Plex looking right:

But.... this isn't obviously quite right.
The 6 being renamed is easily explainable. It would be good if the rename-dialog would allow one to differentiate what kind of rename should be done, when multiple options are available, instead of just doing them all.

But the 16->106 and the 26->206 are straight-up bugs, I believe.

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Wow.  Still wrapping my head around this one.  I get it and I have been able to replicate. I think I may write this up as two separate issues. One to do with duplicating text when using the comma trick and the other to do with renaming thoughts with similar names/numbers w/ the comma trick.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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