Dear colleagues,

I would like to complain about the feature which upsets me a lot. The problem is that hotkeys do no work when alternative input language (Russian language in my case) is enabled. So consider, I am writing some note and in order to copy some text I have to switch to english, click cmd+c, switch back each time I want to move some part of text along the structure of my note. That makes me mad... I understand that switching to alternative input language cmd+c stop being hotkey, case letter "c" is not english letter anymore. I realize that, but other software somehow handles this successfully - just tested hotkeys in MS office and Firefox (I use English versions of those two). So it is, at least, feasible.

Second thing I would like to complain about is the spell checking. I have enabled to languages: "U.S. English" and "Русский" (Russian) in the "System Preferences -> Keyboard" configuration in my Mac (as it is recommended in the hint inside TheBrain's "Preferences->System"). Unfortunately, it checks spelling only of English words, it completely ignores words containing Russian letters.

I hope you fix those issues one day, and I thank you in advance.

Thank you for posting and sharing your feedback.  I'll be sure to document your request for preserving your hotkeys when toggling between languages.

Also, we've discussed in the past whether words in another language (or more specifically, containing Russian letters) should be spellchecked while in English.  It's an interesting discussion - would you rather see them all underlined?  Even though it's spelled correctly in another language?

Hi Matt,

actually they are just ignored, whatever word is correct or not. But why do you say "while in English"? As I mentioned in the first message of this thread, I've configured both languages in the Mac's settings, so I hoped both languages will be checked.

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