I use the TheBrain 9 on both my MacBook Air (Early 2015) with macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Dell XPS 15 laptop.

macOS: This is the fourth time this issue has happened for me. Whenever I put my mac to sleep and then awaken it a short while later, TheBrain 9 brings it to a screeching halt. I open up Activity Monitor and it seems the program is taking 95+% CPU (and even hit 101% shortly after the screenshot I took). I am not sure why it is consuming so much CPU resources despite it, essentially, being idle as it is not animating the plex or anything. I am on as of this post, if I am not mistaken.

Windows: The latest alpha update ( must have came to the beta channel and when I went to update TheBrain, the update helper (after the "would you like to restart TheBrain to finish updating" was picked) got stuck in an infinite loop that forced me to manually kill the process and download TheBrain manually and install it manually. I am not sure why this happened but I do not know if my install was bad or something but that has never happened before. I did not lose internet connection or anything as I was browsing the web on the side (waiting for it to finish for 15 minutes).

Any help or insight would be appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide any more information.

Matt M. Click image for larger version - Name: TheBrain 9 macOS CPU Resources 2018-01-23.png, Views: 70, Size: 37.43 KB

Thank you for posting. The next time you see TheBrain at 95%+, please grab a copy of the Output.log file and we'll take a closer look.  You can click on Help > Open Log Directory to find this file.  Please feel free to post here or send into

Not sure what may have happened with your recent Windows update.  Do you recall which version you were updating from?

Thank you,
Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay in replying (I am very busy this time of year, traveling).

macOS: If I can get to the output log when it occurs again, I will submit it to the support email address provided. Thank you! 😉

Windows: I believe I was on version (or, I generally am not more than 1 ~ 2 versions behind my macOS version) going on to when this issue occurred. It occurred again when updating from to this past week (Thursday, if memory serves correctly). I am on Windows 10 build 1511, if that helps diagnose the issue in any way.

Matt M.

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