keyboard shortcut 'back button' broke, goes back '2 clicks' instead of one. I mentioned this earlier in a message, and was told it was added to a list, but since it hasn't been fixed as of latest version (there have been a few updates), bring it up again just in case its been lost off the list

more serious issue, but I'm too lazy to pinpoint exactly what's going on. But what I've observed:

There are synchronization issues regarding 'thought types' between personal brain, personal brain export/import, and webbrain.  For example, I'm about to cancel my webbrain subscription because I simply can't use it. My brain looks different on webbrain vs personal!  The reason is because I have a color associated with a thought type, and my thoughts are colored differently between the two, because they ARENT ASSOCIATED WITH THE SAME TYPE.  In one they are untyped, in the other not.  I've forced resync since the beginning of time, and have even changed guid's and imported a new brain altogether, to no avail.  Also, I exported desktop version, and re-imported, and it gave me a different pattern than the other two! I suspect the fact that I changed the thought types around is relevant, and somehow desktop / export / web brain are not using the same 'info' to determine what the types are for each thought.

For a test I'd simply suggest making a combination of untype and typed nodes, verifying this is the same across desktop/web/export-reimports, then changing them up, resyncing, and re-verifying.

Hope this helps

Thank you for posting. I've replicated the keyboard short cut issue and make sure that our engineers are aware.

Testing the Link Type issue now and I'll keep you posted with our results.

Thank you,
The keyboard shortcuts still going back 2 clicks is still an issue under TB7028.

Also can we please can an Accelerator for "Hide Link Labels"


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