If you set up an all-day event -- someone's birthday, for example -- the PB Calendar seems to block-out a 24-hour period, starting from some arbitrary time of day. Thus the birthday seems to last for two days! I don't know how PB chooses the start time -- it might be the start time of the last event you set up before this one, but I'm not 100% certain of that, and it seems to have a fondness for 4 pm.

If you set up an event that starts at midnight and ends on midnight the same day -- ie, a 'zero length' event -- and then set up an all day event for a subsequent day it starts at midnight and blocks out the 24 hour period till the next midnight (which, I submit, is what it should always do).

But then it 'forgets' and if you set up a third all day event it reverts to a 4pm start. At least it did when I tried it just now. 

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Or am I doing something wrong?

PB, W-7 64 bit, J-1.6.0_20


Thank you for writing in.  Are you clicking on the "ALL DAY" box?  This should take the Time (hours and minutes) option off the screen and leave you with a blank Time frame back in PB.

Can you send a screen shot of what you are seeing on your end?

Thank you,

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