PB4 beta introduced calendar which at this point of development allows user to:-

1) Create an entry for any date in calendar - whatever thought is in the plex at the moment of creation of calender entry gets associated with calendar entry.
2) User can click on any event in calendar which then activates the thought which was associated with calendar event.
3) User automatically receives a pop-up on day of event.
4) The Pop-up also allows user to  either dismiss reminder or to to select how frequently the reminder pops up again later in the same day.

Since I use Thunderbird it would be great see a PB4 Calender which allows users to also set a time for events together with some options for setting reminder pop-up behavior.



Win7pro, PB, J - 1.7.0

Thanks for your comments. We have the integration of times as well as reminder options planned for the future.


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