Having started to make use of PB's fledgling calendaring capabilities, I, like any pesky end user, want more.

In particular, I've started to do my planning for an ambitious family road trip using PB to research and set up our itinerary. I've got our stops set up as events and they are displaying on the PB calendar in a very pleasing way. Well, my mother-in-law is comming with us and I'd like to share the plan to-date with her. She is on the other side of the continent.

So, printing and exporting the calendar and events views would be nice.

There are a few (hundred) other little elements that go into making a PIM worthy of religious devotion, and oh dear, Harlan has so much on his plate already, but when he decided to put a calendar into PB, he probably guessed what a can of worms that might open. So here is a modest beginning.

Go to date: <date> navigation. While this is a bit extreme compared with typical PIM use, I'm building a PB based geneology, and I'd like to enter birth, marriage, death, etc information as events. I've got documented ancestors born in 1585. That is 422 clicks.

Time: The day view would be better with time of day running down the side. Then we could set times for our events.

Integration with the plex: 1) toggle on/off Display time/date created/modified/etc for some/all thoughts in the calendar. 2) Time-logging: from reports, it is clear that PB is recording time spent on a particular spot cummulatively. How about showing those time-chunks in the calendar?

Event types: Business, personal, downtown, etc. It makes a big difference if events/to-dos can be filtered in a list.

Alarm triggers: specify alarm behavior. I especially like command line alarms for invoking programs and sending e-mail.

Repeating events: 'nuf said.

These are just a few issues/wishes that have come up while using the calendar. Anybody else?

Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
 I am entering events for people such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc., and currently I'm reminded of events in the past each time I start PB. We need some way of indicating that these are recurring events and set it to remind us at user specified lead times (1 week, 1 month etc.).


There are lots of features on the to do list for the calendar, including all those mentioned here. Thanks for the suggestions.

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