Unless I navigate to an event or activate a thought that has an event attached, I can't see a list of events on my calendar.

Ergo, although I have 15 events scheduled on the calendar, nowhere can I actually see that list.

The events you have on the calendar appear in two places:

1. On the thoughts they are assigned to.
2. On the days that they occur.

There is no list of "all events" - is this what you are looking for?

Thanks for the fast reply, Harlan.

Yes, that is what I was looking for.

I'll patiently wait; work on what benefits PB the most. Love the progress and am very curious about things to come.


Sounds like a report "All events" might be useful. Or a report displaying a list of all events between/before/after a date.


Please could it be printable, too. (As far as I can see -- and I'm a newbie, half way through the 30-day trial -- there's currently no way to print the Calendar on paper).  Being able to print a daily weekly or monthly Calendar would be useful. Being able to print an 'all events' Calendar would be even more useful. Regards -- RB.


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