i read lots of suggestions and made a few, but i'm always coming back to one essential problem with Personal Brain.
There are a lot of workarounds for different things and a lot of listed features that are "nice-to-have"'s, but....

2 Things are very important to open up Personal Brain to a whole new area of application:

  1. Make it possible to set TIME and LENGTH and maybe REPEATING of calendar events, not only DATE (Day)
  2. Allow to synchronize with different programs/devices or at least make it possible to EXPORT as *.ics, as long as syncing with other programs is too difficult or too much work.

My Dream:
Every time i set or delete or update an event in PERSONAL BRAIN it automatically is updated in my:
"Windows Calendar"(Vista)  ,  "SunBird or Lightning"  ,  "Outlook or Outlook Express"
or whatever
local Calendar i use.


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